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CCP and CDLI no Museum or Exc no Copy Editions Genre Owner and Scribe Edition Rubricsort descending
7.2.u160 (P470039) BM 47948 MiscellaneaUnknown Yes
6.8.u3 (P461232) BM 47624 Lambert Folio 10157 [tr] LexicalLexical Other No
3.1.26.B (P461236) BM 47730

van Soldt, 1995W. H. van Soldt, Solar omens of Enūma Anu Enlil: Tablets 23(24)-29(30). Nederlands Instituut voor het Nabije Oosten, 1995.: 68, 83

DivinationAstrological. Enūma Anu Enlil No
7.2.u175 (P470055) BM 49018 MiscellaneaUnknown Yes
7.1.6.A.b (P461230) BM 47458 Lambert Folio 10045 [tr] [obverse] MiscellaneaVaria Yes
3.9.u7 (P470053) BM 48752 DivinationDivination Other / Uncertain Yes
7.2.u170 (P470050) BM 48672 MiscellaneaUnknown No
6.1.u1 (P461245) BM 48814 LexicalAa No
6.1.14 (P461243) BM 48659 LexicalAa Yes
7.2.u165 (P470044) BM 48375 MiscellaneaUnknown Yes
3.1.u13 (P461125) BM 33833 Strassmaier Unpub. copy [rev] DivinationAstrological. Enūma Anu Enlil Mušallim-Bēl s. Iddin-Bēl d. Mušēzib (owner) No
6.1.13.C (P470042) BM 48261 LexicalAa Yes Broken
7.2.u171 (P470051) BM 48728 MiscellaneaUnknown Yes Broken
6.3.1 (P349933) BM 47954 MSL 16 347-348 [81-11-3,662+ 81-11-3,1605]

Finkel & Civil, 1982I. L. Finkel and Civil, M. , The Series SIG7.ALAN = Nabnītu. Pontificium Institutum Biblicum, 1982.: 341-344 [81-11-3,662+ 81-11-3,1605]

LexicalNabnītu No Broken
7.2.u166 (P470046) BM 48532 MiscellaneaUnknown Yes Broken
6.1.11.A (P461235) BM 47693 Geers Heft F 33 [BM 48828], MSL 14 pl. iii [BM 48828] [Lambert]

Civil & Green & Lambert, 1979M. Civil, Green, M. W. , and Lambert, W. G. , Ea A = nâqu, Aa A = nâqu, with their Forerunners and Related Texts. Pontificium Institutum Biblicum, 1979.: 278-279 no. [BM 48828]

LexicalAa No Broken
3.1.u39 (P461241) BM 48450 DivinationAstrological. Enūma Anu Enlil No Broken
3.5.u7 (P470052) BM 48736 DivinationTerrestrial omens (Šumma Ālu) Yes Broken
4.1.7.C.b (P481113) BM 48729 MedicalDiagnostic and prognostic Yes Broken
7.2.u56 (P461234) BM 47668 MiscellaneaUnknown Yes Broken
3.5.1.B (P461246) BM 49042 DivinationTerrestrial omens (Šumma Ālu) Yes Broken
2.2.1.B (P461231) BM 47529

Geller, 2014M. J. Geller, Melothesia in Babylonia. Medicine, Magic, and Astrology in the Ancient Near East. de Gruyter, 2014.: 60-64

Geller, 2016M. J. Geller, Healing Magic and Evil Demons. Healing Magic and Evil Demons. De Gruyter, 2016.: 396-397

MagicUdughul, Marduk’s addressMarduk’s address [Iprā'ya (?)] s. Marduk-perʾu-uṣur d. Ēṭiru(?) (owner) Yes Broken
3.5.6.B (P470048) BM 48575 DivinationTerrestrial omens (Šumma Ālu) Yes ṣâtu
3.5.6 (P470043) BM 48344 DivinationTerrestrial omens (Šumma Ālu) Yes ṣâtu
3.1.16 (P461229) BM 47447

Rochberg, 1988F. Rochberg, Aspects of Babylonian Celestial Divination: The Lunar Eclipse Tablets of Enūma Anu Enlil. Berger & Söhne, 1988.: 284-290

DivinationAstrological. Enūma Anu Enlil Iprā'ya s. Arad-Baba d. Ēṭiru (owner) Yes ṣâtu 4a