Catalog of Cuneiform Commentaries

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CCP and CDLI no Museum or Exc nosort descending Copy Editions Genre Owner and Scribe Edition Rubric
7.2.u51 (P461207) BM 41637 MiscellaneaUnknown Yes
7.2.u53 (P461213) BM 42599 MiscellaneaUnknown No Broken
7.2.u144 (P470023) BM 42814 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.2.u145 (P470024) BM 43116 MiscellaneaUnknown No Broken
7.2.u27 (P461215) BM 43528 MiscellaneaUnknown Yes Broken
7.2.u148 (P470026) BM 43918 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.2.u149 (P470027) BM 45105 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.2.u150 (P470028) BM 45446 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.1.4.A.d (P461220) BM 45733 MiscellaneaVaria No
7.2.u91 (P470029) BM 45915 MiscellaneaUnknown No ṣâtu
7.2.u151 (P470030) BM 46199 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.2.u152 (P470031) BM 46271 MiscellaneaUnknown Yes Broken
7.2.u153 (P470032) BM 46415 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.2.u154 (P470033) BM 46442 MiscellaneaUnknown Yes Broken
7.2.u155 (P470034) BM 46457 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.2.u156 (P470035) BM 46502 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.2.u55 (P461227) BM 46864 MiscellaneaUnknown Yes Broken
7.1.6.A.b (P461230) BM 47458 Lambert Folio 10045 [tr] [obverse] MiscellaneaVaria Yes
7.1.6.A.a (P461233) BM 47661 MiscellaneaVaria Yes Broken
7.2.u56 (P461234) BM 47668 MiscellaneaUnknown Yes Broken
7.2.u57 (P461237) BM 47802 MiscellaneaUnknown Yes Broken
7.2.u160 (P470039) BM 47948 MiscellaneaUnknown Yes
7.2.u59 (P461239) BM 48042 MiscellaneaUnknown Yes Broken
7.2.u165 (P470044) BM 48375 MiscellaneaUnknown Yes
7.2.u166 (P470046) BM 48532 MiscellaneaUnknown Yes Broken