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CCP and CDLI no Museum or Exc no Copy Editions Genresort descending Owner and Scribe Edition Rubric
7.2.u18 (P461148) BM 37059 Lambert Folio 9329 [tr] MiscellaneaUnknown Ea(??)-nāṣir s. Marduk-aḫa/nāṣir-x (owner) No Broken
7.2.u137 (P470018) BM 39864 MiscellaneaUnknown Yes Broken
7.2.u23 (P461160) BM 38028 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.2.u27 (P461215) BM 43528 MiscellaneaUnknown Yes Broken
7.2.u171 (P470051) BM 48728 MiscellaneaUnknown Yes Broken
7.2.u138 (P470019) BM 39893 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.2.u119 (P470002) BM 39132 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.2.u94 (P469977) BM 34475 MiscellaneaUnknown Yes Broken
7.2.u77 (P403116) K.17826 MiscellaneaUnknown Yes Broken
7.2.u51 (P461207) BM 41637 MiscellaneaUnknown Yes
7.2.u22 (P461157) BM 37773 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.2.u170 (P470050) BM 48672 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.2.u118 (P470001) BM 39067 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.2.u44 (P461196) BM 40978

Oshima, 2014T. Oshima, Babylonian Poems of Pious Sufferers. Ludlul Bēl Nēmeqi and the Babylonian Theodicy. Mohr Siebeck, 2014.: 168 [BM 40978!]

MiscellaneaUnknown Yes Broken
7.2.u93 (P469976) BM 32574 STC 1 216-217 MiscellaneaUnknown Ea-tabtan(ni)-uṣur s. Bēl-aplu-uṣur d. Atkuppu (owner) Yes None
7.2.u76 (P402468) K.17086 MiscellaneaUnknown No Broken
7.2.u102 (P461200) BM 36246 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.2.u19 (P461150) BM 37212 MiscellaneaUnknown Yes Broken
7.2.u4 (P348561) IM 74444 SpTU 1 142 MiscellaneaUnknown No Broken
7.2.u166 (P470046) BM 48532 MiscellaneaUnknown Yes Broken
7.2.u136 (P470017) BM 39860 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.2.u117 (P470000) BM 39031 MiscellaneaUnknown Yes
7.2.u92 (P469975) BM 31739 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.2.u75 (P239247) K.14129 MiscellaneaUnknown No Broken
7.2.u53 (P461213) BM 42599 MiscellaneaUnknown No Broken