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CCP and CDLI nosort descending Museum or Exc no Copy Editions Genre Owner and Scribe Edition Rubric
7.1.1 (P461256) BM 54311 Lambert Folio 9177 [tr], OLA 40 pl. 56 no. 62 [rev.] MiscellaneaVaria No
7.1.2 (P336223) K.6962 JNES 42 p. 26, Lambert Folio 9061 [tr]

Fales & Postgate, 1992F. M. Fales and Postgate, J. N. , Imperial Administrative Records part I. The Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project, 1992.: 67-68 no. 53

Parpola, 1983aS. Parpola, Assyrian Library Records, Journal of Near Eastern Studies, vol. 42, pp. 1-29, 1983.: 26-27

MiscellaneaVaria No
7.1.3 (P348785) IM 135164 SpTU 5 272 MiscellaneaVaria No Broken
7.1.4.A.a (P461132) BM 35401 MiscellaneaVaria No
7.1.4.A.b (P461134) BM 35686 MiscellaneaVaria No Broken
7.1.4.A.c (P461182) BM 40130 MiscellaneaVaria No
7.1.4.A.d (P461220) BM 45733 MiscellaneaVaria No
7.1.5 (P282460) VAT 9426 Ebeling BVW pls. 15-16

Ebeling, 1951E. Ebeling, Bruchstücke einer mittelassyrischen Vorschriftensammlung für die Akklimatisierung und Trainierung von Wagenpferden. Akademie Verlag, 1951.: 36-40

MiscellaneaVaria No Broken
7.1.6.A.a (P461233) BM 47661 MiscellaneaVaria Yes Broken
7.1.6.A.b (P461230) BM 47458 Lambert Folio 10045 [tr] [obverse] MiscellaneaVaria Yes
7.1.7.A.a (P237790) K.151 Schwemer Wettergottgestalten p. 1023-1024 MiscellaneaVaria No name (owner) No None
7.1.7.A.b (P363510) IM 67626 CTN 4 96 MiscellaneaVaria Illegible (owner) No Broken
7.1.8.A.a (P240195) Rm.2,127

Frahm & Jiménez, 2015E. Frahm and Jiménez, E. , Myth, Ritual, and Interpretation. The Commentary on Enūma eliš I–VII and a Commentary on Elamite Month Names, Hebrew Bible and Ancient Israel, vol. 4, pp. 293-343, 2015.: 334-343

Reiner, 1973E. Reiner, Inscription from a Royal Elamite Tomb, Archiv für Orientforschung, vol. 24, pp. 87-102, 1973.: 101-102

MiscellaneaVaria [Nabû-nāṣir] s. Ea-pattāni (owner) Yes None
7.2.u1 (P363357‎) IM “study” 3 BagM Beih 2 93 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.2.u10 (P461112) A 3458 MiscellaneaUnknown No Broken
7.2.u100 (P469982) BM 36030 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.2.u102 (P461200) BM 36246 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.2.u103 (P469985) BM 36595 Lambert Folio 9328 [tr] [BM 37055], Lambert Folio 9844 [tr] [BM 36595], Livingstone MMEWABS pl. vii [BM 37055]

Livingstone, 1986A. Livingstone, Mystical and Mythological Explanatory Works of Assyrian and Babylonian Scholars. Eisenbrauns, 1986.: 68-70 [BM 37055]

MiscellaneaUnknown Marduk-šar-ilī (?) s. Minû-ana-Bēl-dan d. Ileʾʾi-[Marduk] (owner) Yes None
7.2.u106 (P469988) BM 38197 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.2.u109 (P469991) BM 38684 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.2.u11 (P422374) BM 121120 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.2.u111 (P469994) BM 38889 MiscellaneaUnknown No Broken
7.2.u112 (P469995) BM 38942 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.2.u113 (P469996) BM 38955 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.2.u114 (P469997) BM 39000 MiscellaneaUnknown No