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CCP and CDLI no Museum or Exc no Copy Editions Genre Owner and Scribe Editionsort descending Rubric
3.1.58.O (P414242) VAT 14581 LKU 111

Reiner & Pingree, 1998bE. Reiner and Pingree, D. , Babylonian Planetary Omens. Part Three. Styx, 1998.: 203, 257

DivinationAstrological. Enūma Anu Enlil No Broken
3.4.1.A.h (P414264) VAT 14593 LKU 133

Heeßel & Koch, forthcomingN. P. Heeßel and Koch, U. S. , The two first chapters of the Art of the Diviner. .

DivinationExtispicy (Bārûtu) Nabû-gāmil d. Iddin-Papsukkal (?) (owner) Nabû-šumu-iddin d. Iddin-Papsukkal (?) (scribe) No mukallimtu
3.5.14 (P414146) VAT 14481 LKU 4-6

Freedman, 1998S. M. Freedman, If a City is set on a Height. The Akkadian omen series šumma ālu ina mēlê šakin. Volume 1: Tablets 1-21. The University of Pennsylvania Museum, 1998.: 223 [partial]

DivinationTerrestrial omens (Šumma Ālu) No ṣâtu 2c