Catalog of Cuneiform Commentaries

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CCP and CDLI nosort descending Museum or Exc no Copy Editions Genre Owner and Scribe Edition Rubric
3.2.u1.A.d (P338654) SU 52/57 STT 339

Robson, 2009 (GKAB)

DivinationAstrological. Sîn ina tāmartīšu No Broken
3.9.u5 (P338716) SU 51/97 STT 402 DivinationDivination Other / Uncertain No
4.1.1.D (P338717) SU 51/70 STT 403

Wee, 2012J. Wee, The Practice of Diagnosis in Mesopotamian Medicine: With Editions of Commentaries on the Diagnostic Series Sa-gig. PhD thesis, 2012.: 543-561

MedicalDiagnostic and prognostic No Broken