CCP 7.2.u73 - Uncertain

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British Museum
BM 77196
Sippar(Sippar), AH.83-1-18 consignment


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3,01 × 0,47 cm
Chaldean / early Achaemenid (late 7th / 6th cent) (mostly "Sippar Collection")

Frahm, 2011E. Frahm, Babylonian and Assyrian Text Commentaries. Origins of Interpretation. Ugarit-Verlag, 2011.: 261, 288

Leichty & Finkelstein & Walker, 1988E. Leichty, Finkelstein, J. J. , and Walker, C. B. F. , Catalogue of the Babylonian Tablets in the British Museum. Volume VIII: Tablets from Sippar 3. British Museum Publications, 1988.: 82

Jiménez, 05/2014 (ATF Transliteration)
Jiménez, 05/2014 (Translation)
Jiménez, 07/2014 (Collation)
Jiménez, 07/2014 (Lemmatization)
Jiménez, 07/2014 (Introduction)
Jiménez, 08/2016 (Commentary markup)
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This small fragment preserves 9 lines from the upper or lower part of a tablet. It belongs to the AH.83-1-18 consignment, which contains tablets mostly from Sippar. Other commentary tablets with the same accession number include the Theodicy commentary (CCP 1.4), several astrological commentaries, and one commentary on Uruanna (CCP 6.5). This fragment could conceivably belong to any of those pieces (note that the sequence mēlultu - mitḫuṣu, which appears in this fragment, in attested in Uruanna I 267 and 269, but inspection of the Uruanna commentary BM 76487 (CCP 6.5) in 7/2014 revealed that it does not belong to the same tablet).

Several equations are preserved. In line 3 the sign šèr, with a gloss in slightly smaller script, is explained as riksu, "knot," an equation known in a variety of places. More curious is that of l. 4, = mēlultu, "game," which seems to be attested only in Syllable Alphabet A (CAD M/2 16a). The latter is part of a wider explanation, which seems to elaborate on the different readings of the signs

A colon is used both to introduce the explanandum and to separate the different pairs. The script is stylized and elegant, somewhat reminiscent of that of the Theodicy commentary (CCP 1.4).


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BM 077196

o 1o 1

[...] x-bet-ti me-lul-ta [...]

[...] "game" [...]

o 22

[...] x-te u re-bi-šá te-[...]


o 33

[...] x-PAB : še-erŠÈR : rik-su [...]

[...] ŠÈR, when read as /šer/, means "knot;" [...]

o 44

[...]- : ME.ME : me-lul-ti : ME.ME [...]1

[...] ME.ME means "game;" ME.ME also means [...]

o 55

[...]--ma il-li-ku : x-[...]

[... "...] and they went" [...]

o 66

[... še?]-gu-un-nu-ú : nu-uk-x [...]

[... means "grain] crop;" [...]

o 77

[...] : mit-ḫu-ṣu : mit-ḫu-ṣu [...]

[...] means "fight;" "fight" [means ...]

o 88

[...]-aḫ-ḫu-ú : ŠÀ x [...]


o 99

[...] x x x [...]


1Cf. ME.ME = mēlulu in Syllable Alphabet A (CAD M/2 16a).

Photos by Enrique Jiménez

Courtesy of the Trustees of the British Museum