CCP 3.2.11 - Enūma Anu Enlil / Sîn ina tāmartīšu 11

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British Museum
BM 134783
NinevehNineveh (Kuyunjik)
DivinationAstrological. Sîn ina tāmartīšu

mukallimtu 5

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Enūma Anu Enlil / Sîn ina tāmartīšu 11
Tablet information
3,17 × 2,22 cm
7th cent (Assurbanipal libraries and other Assyrian cities)

Borger, 1973aR. Borger, Review of Lambert & Millard BC Suppl 2, Orientalistische Literaturzeitung, vol. 68, pp. 34-36, 1973.
[Similar to Thureau-Dangin RA 21 127ff]
: 36

Borger, 1975R. Borger, Handbuch der Keilschriftliteratur. Band II. Supplement zu Band I. de Gruyter, 1975.
[Vgl. Thureau-Dangin RA 21 127ff.?]
: 395

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[Belongs to Sîn ina tāmartīšu 11]

Lambert & Millard, 1968aW. G. Lambert and Millard, A. R. , Catalogue of the Cuneiform Tablets in the Kouyunjik Collection of the British Museum. Second Supplement. The Trustees of the British Museum, 1968.
[Catchline and colophon]
: 81

Reiner, 1998aE. Reiner, Celestial Omen Tablets and Fragments in the British Museum, in tikip santakki mala bašmu.. Festschrift für Rykle Borger zu seinem 65. Geburtstag am 24. Mai 1994, S. M. Maul, Ed. Styx, 1998, pp. 215-302.: 302

Rutz, 02/2016 (Transliteration)
Rutz, 02/2016 (Annotation)
Jiménez, 02/2016 (Translation)
Jiménez, 02/2016 (Introduction)
Jiménez, 08/2016 (Commentary markup)
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Rutz, M.T., 2016, “Commentary on Enūma Anu Enlil / Sîn ina tāmartīšu 11 (CCP 3.2.11),” Cuneiform Commentaries Project (E. Frahm, E. Jiménez, M. Frazer, and K. Wagensonner), 2013–2024; accessed March 2, 2024, at DOI: 10079/9w0vth7
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This small fragment from Kuyunjik preserves badly damaged remains of the last line of a commentary, together with the beginning of a catchline and a rubric. According to the latter, it would be the 11th [tabl]et of a mukallimtu-commentary on Enūma Anu Enlil. Gehlken, however, thinks that the subscript is defective, and assumes that the present fragment represents the 11th tablet of the astrological commentary Sîn ina tāmartīšu.1

The catchline refers to a tablet whose incipit, “If the moon rides (the constellation) Auriga,” is identical with that of VAT 9434 (CCP 3.1.u94.b).


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BM 134783 (unpublished unassigned ?)

runcertain number of lines missing
r 1'1'

KU₄? KI?-MEŠ? MUL?-MEŠ? šá? ina? lìb?-bi? [...]

... stars that in the center [...]

r 2'2'

* 30 gišGIGIR U₅ [...]1

“If the moon rides the Chariot” (= catchline) [...]

(2 lines blank)
r 3'3'

IM? 11.KAM NÍG..DA * U₄ AN dEN.[LÍL ...]

11th tablet of the mukallimtu-commentary on Enūma Anu En[lil ...]

(1 line blank)
r 4'4'

[KUR mAN.ŠÁR-]-IBILA MAN ŠÚ? MAN KUR? [-šurki ...]

[Palace of Ashurbani]pal, king of the Universe, king of [Assyria ...].

(rest of reverse missing)

1The present line may be the catchline of the next tablet. It also appears as the first line of VAT 9434 (CCP 3.1.u94.b).

Photos by Enrique Jiménez

Courtesy of the Trustees of the British Museum