Proper Nouns


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ū [OR] (CNJ)

6 instances

Written forms:u; u₃.

Normalized forms:ū (u, u₃).

1. or (6x/100%)

u [AND] (CNJ)

238 instances

Written forms:u; u₂; u₃.

Normalized forms:u (u, u₂, u₃).

1. and (238x/100%)


2 instances

Written forms:u₂-il₃-ti.

Normalized forms:uʾilti (u₂-il₃-ti).

1. (a literary excerpt tablet) (2x/100%)

ubāru [(RESIDENT) ALIEN] (N)

5 instances

Normalized forms:ubāri (u₂-ba-ri); ubāru (U.BARru₃, u₂-ba-ru); ubārūtu (U.BARru-tu₂).

1. (resident) alien (5x/100%)

ubbulu [DRIED (OUT)] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:ub-bu-lu.

Normalized forms:ubbulu (ub-bu-lu).

1. dried (out) (1x/100%)

ubbuṭu [STARVATION] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:ub-bu-ṭu.

Normalized forms:ubbuṭu (ub-bu-ṭu).

1. starvation (1x/100%)

ubbuṭu [SWOLLEN] (AJ)

1 instance

Written forms:ub-bu-uṭ.

Normalized forms:ubbuṭu (ub-bu-uṭ).

1. swollen (1x/100%)

uddazallû [DATE] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:ud-da-zal-lu-u₂.

Normalized forms:uddazallû (ud-da-zal-lu-u₂).

1. date (1x/100%)

uddudu [POINTED] (AJ)

1 instance

Written forms:ud-du-da-at.

Normalized forms:uddudat (ud-du-da-at).

1. pointed (1x/100%)

uddudu [VERY POINTED] (AJ)

2 instances

Written forms:ud-du-da-ma.

Normalized forms:uddudāma (ud-du-da-ma).

1. very pointed (2x/100%)

ūdu [DISTRESS] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:ud-da-a-ta.

Normalized forms:uddāta (ud-da-a-ta).

1. distress (1x/100%)

udû [(A VESSEL)] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:mu-du-u₂.

Normalized forms:mudû (mu-du-u₂).

1. (a vessel) (1x/100%)

udû [TOOLS] (N)

4 instances

Normalized forms:KULdê (KUL-de-e); mudê (KUL-de-emu); mudû (mu-du-u₂); udû (u₂-du-u₂).

1. equipment (1x/25%)

2. tools (3x/75%)

ugāru [MEADOW] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:u₂-ga-ri.

Normalized forms:ugāri (u₂-ga-ri).

1. meadow (1x/100%)

uggatu [RAGE] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:ug-ga-tu₄.

Normalized forms:uggatu (ug-ga-tu₄).

1. rage (1x/100%)

uhinnu [FRESH DATE(S)] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:u₂-ḫi-nu.

Normalized forms:uhīnu (u₂-ḫi-nu).

1. fresh date(s) (1x/100%)

ūka [THUS] (MOD)

2 instances

Written forms:u₂-ka.

Normalized forms:ūka (u₂-ka).

1. thus (2x/100%)

ukultu [FOOD] (N)

4 instances

Written forms:GU₇ti; NIG₂.GU₇; u₂-kul-ti.

Normalized forms:ukulti (GU₇ti, u₂-kul-ti); ukultu (NIG₂.GU₇).

1. devouring (3x/75%)

2. food (1x/25%)

ul [NOT] (MOD)

50 instances

Written forms:NU; ul.

Normalized forms:ul (NU, ul).

1. not (50x/100%)

ulālu [WEAK] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:u₂-la-la.

Normalized forms:ulālu (u₂-la-la).

1. weak (1x/100%)

ulāpu [RAG] (N)

2 instances

Normalized forms:ulāpu (TUG₂.NIG₂.DARA₂da-ra, u₂-la-pu).

1. rag (2x/100%)

uliltu [DRIED FIG] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:u₂-lil-tu₄.

Normalized forms:uliltu (u₂-lil-tu₄).

1. dried fig (2x/100%)

ulla [AT SOME TIME] (AV)

1 instance

Written forms:ul-la.

Normalized forms:ulla (ul-la).

1. at some time (1x/100%)

ulla [NO!] (AV)

4 instances

Written forms:ul-la.

Normalized forms:ulla (ul-la).

1. no! (4x/100%)


1 instance

Written forms:ul-la-nu-um-ma.

Normalized forms:ullânumma (ul-la-nu-um-ma).

1. immediately after (1x/100%)

ullânu [THERE AND THEN] (AV)

1 instance

Written forms:ul-la-nu-um-ma.

Normalized forms:ullânumma (ul-la-nu-um-ma).

1. immediately (1x/100%)

ulluṣu [SWOLLEN] (AJ)

1 instance

Written forms:ul-lu-ṣu.

Normalized forms:ulluṣu (ul-lu-ṣu).

1. swollen (1x/100%)

ultu [FROM] (PRP)

2 instances

Written forms:TA.

Normalized forms:ultu (TA).

1. from (2x/100%)

ulû [BEST (OIL)] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:ul-la.

Normalized forms:ullâ (ul-la).

1. best (oil) (1x/100%)

umāmu [ANIMAL] (N)

3 instances

Written forms:u₂-ma-mu; u₂-guUGU.

Normalized forms:umāmu (u₂-ma-mu, u₂-guUGU).

1. animal (3x/100%)


2 instances

Written forms:u₂-ma-ši.

Normalized forms:umāšī (u₂-ma-ši).

1. grappling-hook (for wrestlers) (2x/100%)

ūmišam [DAILY] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:u₄-mi-šam-mu.

Normalized forms:ūmišamma (u₄-mi-šam-mu).

1. daily (1x/100%)

umma [SAYING] (PRP)

8 instances

Written forms:um-ma.

Normalized forms:umma (um-ma).

1. saying (8x/100%)

ummiānu [CRAFTSMAN] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:um-man-ni.

Normalized forms:ummâni (um-man-ni).

1. craftsman (1x/100%)

ummu [HEAT] (N)

8 instances

Written forms:AMA-MEŠ; KUM₂; um-mu.

Normalized forms:umma (KUM₂); ummāti (AMA-MEŠ); ummu (um-mu).

1. fever (1x/13%)

2. heat (2x/25%)

3. summer (5x/63%)

ummu [MOTHER] (N)

6 instances

Written forms:AMA; AMA-šu₂; um-mi.

Normalized forms:ummašu (AMA-šu₂); ummi (AMA, um-mi); ummišu (AMA-šu₂).

1. mother (6x/100%)

ummudu [LEANING UPON] (AJ)

1 instance

Written forms:um-mu-da-at.

Normalized forms:ummudat (um-mu-da-at).

1. leaning upon (1x/100%)

ummulu [STIFLED] (AJ)

1 instance

Written forms:um-mul-tu₄.

Normalized forms:ummultu (um-mul-tu₄).

1. stifled (1x/100%)

umṣatu [MOLE (ON SKIN)] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:um-ṣa-a-tu₂.

Normalized forms:umṣātu (um-ṣa-a-tu₂).

1. mole (on skin) (1x/100%)

umṣu [HUNGER] (N)

3 instances

Written forms:un-ṣi; un-ṣu.

Normalized forms:unṣi (un-ṣi); unṣu (un-ṣu).

1. hunger (3x/100%)

umšu [SUMMER] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:um-ši.

Normalized forms:umši (um-ši).

1. summer (1x/100%)

ūmussu [DAILY] (AV)

1 instance

Written forms:u₄-mu-us-su.

Normalized forms:ūmussu (u₄-mu-us-su).

1. daily (1x/100%)


2 instances

Written forms:un-ni-ni.

Normalized forms:unnīni (un-ni-ni).

1. supplication (2x/100%)

unnutu [FAINT] (AJ)

1 instance

Written forms:un-nu-ut.

Normalized forms:unnut (un-nu-ut).

1. faint (1x/100%)

unūtu [TOOLS] (N)

3 instances

Normalized forms:unâtīšu (u₂-na-ti-šu₂); unâtu (u₂-na-a-tu₂); unūtu (u₂-nu-tu₂).

1. equipment (1x/33%)

2. tools (2x/67%)

upāṭu [(NASAL) MUCUS] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:u₂-paṭ.

Normalized forms:upāṭ (u₂-paṭ).

1. exudation (1x/100%)

uplu [HEAD-LOUSE] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:u₂-pul.

Normalized forms:upul (u₂-pul).

1. head-louse (1x/100%)

uppu [DRUM] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:ḫu-up-pu.

Normalized forms:huppu (ḫu-up-pu).

1. drum (1x/100%)

uppu [TUBE] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:up-pi; up-pu.

Normalized forms:uppi (up-pi); uppu (up-pu).

1. tube (2x/100%)


2 instances

Written forms:up-puš₄.

Normalized forms:uppuš (up-puš₄).

1. properly executed (2x/100%)

upputtu [BLIND (SNAKE)] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:MUŠ.IGI.NU.TUKU; up-pu-ut-ti.

Normalized forms:upputti (up-pu-ut-ti); upputtu (MUŠ.IGI.NU.TUKU).

1. blind (snake) (2x/100%)


2 instances

Written forms:uq-na-a; na₄ZA.GIN₃-ma.

Normalized forms:uqnâ (uq-na-a); uqnîma (na₄ZA.GIN₃-ma).

1. lapis lazuli (2x/100%)

uqu [PEOPLE] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:ERIN₂.

Normalized forms:uqu (ERIN₂).

1. people (2x/100%)

urʾudu [WINDPIPE] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:ur-u₂-di.

Normalized forms:urʾudī (ur-u₂-di).

1. windpipe (1x/100%)

urbānu [PAPYRUS] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:gišur-ba-nu.

Normalized forms:urbānu (gišur-ba-nu).

1. papyrus (1x/100%)

urbatiš [LIKE RUSHES] (AV)

1 instance

Written forms:ur-ba-ti-.

Normalized forms:urbatiš (ur-ba-ti-).

1. like rushes (1x/100%)

urbatu [RUSH] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:ur-ba-tu.

Normalized forms:urbatu (ur-ba-tu).

1. rush (1x/100%)

uriyānu [FENNEL] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:u₂u₅-ra-nu.

Normalized forms:urânu (u₂u₅-ra-nu).

1. fennel (1x/100%)

urnu [(A SNAKE)] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:ur-nu.

Normalized forms:urnu (ur-nu).

1. (a snake) (1x/100%)

urqītu [VEGETATION] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:ur-qit.

Normalized forms:urqīt (ur-qit).

1. vegetation (1x/100%)


1 instance

Written forms:ur-ra.

Normalized forms:urra (ur-ra).

1. in the daytime (1x/100%)

urṣu [BADGER] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:ur-ṣu.

Normalized forms:urṣu (ur-ṣu).

1. badger (1x/100%)

uršu [BEDROOM] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:ur-ši.

Normalized forms:urši (ur-ši).

1. bedroom (1x/100%)

urû [CUT BRANCH] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:u₂-ru-u₂; gišPA.KUD.

Normalized forms:urû (u₂-ru-u₂, gišPA.KUD).

1. cut branch (2x/100%)


2 instances

Written forms:u₂-ru; u₂-ru-u.

Normalized forms:ūru (u₂-ru); urû (u₂-ru-u).

1. nakedness (2x/100%)

ūru [PUDENDA] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:MURUB₂; u₂-ri.

Normalized forms:ūri (u₂-ri); ūru (MURUB₂).

1. pudenda (2x/100%)

ūru [ROOF] (N)

6 instances

Written forms:UR₃; u-ri; u₂-ri.

Normalized forms:ūri (UR₃, u-ri, u₂-ri).

1. roof (6x/100%)

urūšu [DIRTINESS] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:u₂-ru-šu₂.

Normalized forms:urūšu (u₂-ru-šu₂).

1. dirtiness (1x/100%)

urzababītu [(A LYRE)] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:ur-za-ba-bi-tu₂.

Normalized forms:urzababītu (ur-za-ba-bi-tu₂).

1. (a lyre) (1x/100%)

uskāru [CRESCENT (MOON)] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:U₄.SAKAR-MEŠ.

Normalized forms:uskārū (U₄.SAKAR-MEŠ).

1. crescent (moon) (1x/100%)

ussulu [CRIPPLED] (AJ)

5 instances

Written forms:us-su-la; us-su-lu.

Normalized forms:ussula (us-su-la); ussulu (us-su-lu).

1. crippled (5x/100%)

ūsu [GOOSE] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:us-si.

Normalized forms:ussi (us-si).

1. goose (1x/100%)

ūṣu [ARROW(HEAD)] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:u₂-ṣi.

Normalized forms:ūṣi (u₂-ṣi).

1. arrow(head) (1x/100%)

uṣurtu [(CRUCIFORM HALO)] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:GIŠ.ḪUR.

Normalized forms:uṣurāti (GIŠ.ḪUR).

1. (cruciform halo) (2x/100%)

uṣurtu [DRAWING] (N)

10 instances

Normalized forms:uṣurāt (GIŠ.ḪUR-MEŠ); uṣurta (GIŠ.ḪUR); uṣurtu (GIŠ.ḪUR, gišḪUR).

1. (cruciform halo) (5x/50%)

2. Design (on liver) (2x/20%)

3. drawing (2x/20%)

4. plan (1x/10%)

uššu [FOUNDATION(S)] (N)

4 instances

Written forms:URU₄; UŠ₈.

Normalized forms:ušši (URU₄); uššī (UŠ₈).

1. foundation(s) (4x/100%)

ušû [EBONY] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:gišESI.

Normalized forms:ušâ (gišESI).

1. ebony (1x/100%)

ušumgallu [GREAT DRAGON] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:UŠUMGAL.

Normalized forms:ušumgal (UŠUMGAL).

1. great dragon (1x/100%)

ušuzzu [APPOINTED] (AJ)

2 instances

Written forms:u₂-šu-uz-zu-ma.

Normalized forms:ušuzzūma (u₂-šu-uz-zu-ma).

1. appointed (2x/100%)

uteddulu [SHUT] (AJ)

2 instances

Written forms:GID₂.GID₂; u₂-te-du-lu.

Normalized forms:uteddulu (GID₂.GID₂, u₂-te-du-lu).

1. shut (2x/100%)

utlu [LAP] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:UR₂; ut-lu₄.

Normalized forms:utlu (UR₂, ut-lu₄).

1. lap (2x/100%)

uttuku [BENT] (AJ)

1 instance

Written forms:ut-tu-ku.

Normalized forms:uttuku (ut-tu-ku).

1. bent (1x/100%)


1 instance

Written forms:u₂-tul-la-a-tu₂.

Normalized forms:utullātu (u₂-tul-la-a-tu₂).

1. chief herdsman (1x/100%)

utūnu [KILN] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:UDUN.

Normalized forms:utūni (UDUN).

1. kiln (2x/100%)

uṭṭatu [GRAIN] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:uṭ-ṭa-at.

Normalized forms:uṭṭat (uṭ-ṭa-at).

1. grain (1x/100%)

uznu [EAR] (N)

3 instances

Normalized forms:uznāya (GEŠTU-MIN-a-a); uzni (uz-ni); uznīšu (GEŠTU-šu₂).

1. ear (3x/100%)

uzzatu [ANGER] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:uz-za-at.

Normalized forms:uzzat (uz-za-at).

1. anger (1x/100%)

uzzu [ANGER] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:uz-zi.

Normalized forms:uzzi (uz-zi).

1. anger (1x/100%)