Proper Nouns


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[WHAT!] (J)

21 instances

Written forms:ma-a.

Normalized forms: (ma-a).

1. indeed (21x/100%)

maʾādu [BE(COME) NUMEROUS] (V)

3 instances

Written forms:ma-ʾa-a-du; šarŠAR₂.

Normalized forms:maʾādu (ma-ʾa-a-du, šarŠAR₂).

1. be(com)ing numerous (N) (3x/100%)

mâʾu [VOMIT] (V)

1 instance

Written forms:ma--u₂.

Normalized forms:mâʾu (ma--u₂).

1. vomiting (N) (1x/100%)

mādiš [GREATLY] (AV)

21 instances

Normalized forms:maʾdiš (ma--diš); mādiš (MAḪ.BI, ma-a-diš, ma-di-, ma-diš, ŠID).

1. greatly (20x/95%)

2. very (1x/5%)

mādiš [GREATLY] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:ma-ʾ-diš.

Normalized forms:maʾdiš (ma-ʾ-diš).

1. greatly (2x/100%)


2 instances

Written forms:MEŠ.

Normalized forms:mâdu (MEŠ).

1. be(com)ing numerous (N) (2x/100%)

mādu [MANY] (AJ)

4 instances

Normalized forms:mādū (ma-du-u); mādu (ma-du-ma); mādūtu (ma-du-tu₄); mandūti (man-du-u₂-ti).

1. many (4x/100%)

mādu [MANY] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:ma-ʾa-de-e.

Normalized forms:maʾdê (ma-ʾa-de-e).

1. many (1x/100%)

magāgu [SPREAD] (V)

2 instances

Normalized forms:imtanaggag (GID₂.GID₂, im-ta-na-ag-ga-ag).

1. have repeated cramps (2x/100%)

magal [GREATLY] (AV)

10 instances

Written forms:ma-gal.

Normalized forms:magal (ma-gal).

1. greatly (10x/100%)

magallatu [PARCHMENT SCROLL] (N)

3 instances

Normalized forms:magallat (kušma-gal-lat); magallatu (kušma-gal-la-tu₄).

1. parchment scroll (3x/100%)

magāru [CONSENT] (V)

3 instances

Written forms:DU₃; ma-ga-ri; u₂-šam-ga-ru.

Normalized forms:magāri (ma-ga-ri); magāru (DU₃); ušamgarū (u₂-šam-ga-ru).

1. consenting (N) (2x/67%)

2. persuade (1x/33%)

magru [FAVORABLE] (AJ)

42 instances

Written forms:ŠE.

Normalized forms:magrū (ŠE).

1. favorable (42x/100%)

magru [FRIENDLY] (AJ)

3 instances

Written forms:ma-gir.

Normalized forms:magir (ma-gir).

1. favourable (3x/100%)

mahāhu [SOAK] (V)

4 instances

Normalized forms:amahhah (a-maḫ-ḫa-aḫ); mahāhu (DIRI, ma-ḫa-ḫu).

1. soak (1x/25%)

2. soaking (N) (3x/75%)

māhāzu [SHRINE] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:KI.ŠU.PEŠ₅.

Normalized forms:māhāzu (KI.ŠU.PEŠ₅).

1. shrine (1x/100%)

mahhu [SOAKED] (AJ)

1 instance

Written forms:maḫ-ḫa.

Normalized forms:mahhā (maḫ-ḫa).

1. swollen (1x/100%)

māhiru [OPPONENT] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:ma-ḫi-ir.

Normalized forms:māhir (ma-ḫi-ir).

1. opponent (1x/100%)

mahīru [EXCHANGE RATE] (N)

10 instances

Written forms:KI.LAM.

Normalized forms:mahīra (KI.LAM); mahīri (KI.LAM).

1. exchange rate (10x/100%)

mahīru [PRICE] (N)

3 instances

Written forms:GAN₂.BA; ma-ḫi-ir; ma-ḫi-ri.

Normalized forms:mahīr (ma-ḫi-ir); mahīri (ma-ḫi-ri); mahīru (GAN₂.BA).

1. business (3x/100%)

mahrû [FIRST] (AJ)

5 instances

Normalized forms:mahrî (maḫ-ri-i); mahrû (GI, ma-aḫ-ru-u₂, maḫ-ru-u₂).

1. first (5x/100%)

mahru [FRONT] (N)

11 instances

Written forms:IGI; IGI-ia; ma-ḫar; maḫ-ri.

Normalized forms:mahar (ma-ḫar); mahri (maḫ-ri); mahriya (IGI-ia); mahru (IGI, ma-ḫar).

1. front (9x/82%)

2. presence (2x/18%)

mahṣu [BEATEN] (AJ)

1 instance

Written forms:SIG₃iṣ.

Normalized forms:mahiṣ (SIG₃iṣ).

1. beaten (1x/100%)

mahû [RAVE] (V)

2 instances

Written forms:im-ḫu-u₂.

Normalized forms:imhû (im-ḫu-u₂).

1. raving (N) (2x/100%)

mākālû [MEAL] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:ma-ka-le-e; ma-ka-lu-u₂.

Normalized forms:mākālê (ma-ka-le-e); mākālû (ma-ka-lu-u₂).

1. food (2x/100%)

mākālu [MEAL] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:ma-ka-lu-u.

Normalized forms:mākālû (ma-ka-lu-u).

1. meal (1x/100%)

makkūru [PROPERTY] (N)

4 instances

Written forms:NIG₂.GA; ma-ak-ku-ri.

Normalized forms:makkūr (NIG₂.GA); makkūri (NIG₂.GA, ma-ak-ku-ri).

1. property (4x/100%)

makṣāru [SNAFFLE] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:ma-ak-ṣa-ru.

Normalized forms:makṣāru (ma-ak-ṣa-ru).

1. snaffle (1x/100%)


2 instances

Written forms:gišMA₂.GUR₈.

Normalized forms:makūri (gišMA₂.GUR₈).

1. (processional) boat (2x/100%)

mala [AS MUCH AS] (PRP)

14 instances

Written forms:ma-la.

Normalized forms:mala (ma-la).

1. as many (6x/43%)

2. as many (REL) (8x/57%)

malālu [EAT] (V)

1 instance

Written forms:ma-la-lu.

Normalized forms:malālu (ma-la-lu).

1. pillage (N) (1x/100%)

malāsu [PLUCK (OUT)] (V)

5 instances

Normalized forms:imlišu (im-li-šu); malāsu (ma-la-su, ma-la-šu); namlisu (na-am-li-su).

1. being plucked (out) (N) (2x/40%)

2. pluck (out) (1x/20%)

3. plucking (out) (N) (2x/40%)

māliku [ADVISER] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:ma-li-ku.

Normalized forms:māliku (ma-li-ku).

1. adviser (1x/100%)

malīliš [LIKE A PIPE?] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:ma-li-liš.

Normalized forms:malīliš (ma-li-liš).

1. like a pipe? (1x/100%)

malīlu [PIPE] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:ma-li-la; ma-li-lu₄.

Normalized forms:malīlu (ma-li-la, ma-li-lu₄).

1. pipe (2x/100%)

malku [PRINCE] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:ma-al-ku; mal-ku.

Normalized forms:malkū (ma-al-ku); malku (mal-ku).

1. prince (1x/50%)

2. ruler (1x/50%)

mallahtu [(A TYPE OF SALINE GRASS)] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:mul-laḫ₃-tu₄.

Normalized forms:mullahtu (mul-laḫ₃-tu₄).

1. (a type of saline grass) (1x/100%)


1 instance

Written forms:mal₂-ma-liš.

Normalized forms:malmališ (mal₂-ma-liš).

1. with one another (1x/100%)


1 instance

Written forms:mal-ma-al-liš.

Normalized forms:malmališ (mal-ma-al-liš).

1. correspondingly (1x/100%)

malmališ [EQUALLY] (AV)

1 instance

Written forms:mal₂-ma-liš.

Normalized forms:malmališ (mal₂-ma-liš).

1. at the same time (1x/100%)

malû [ABUNDANCE] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:ma-la-a.

Normalized forms:malâ (ma-la-a).

1. abundance (2x/100%)

malû [BE(COME) FULL] (V)

9 instances

Normalized forms:imalla (SA₅); malû (ma-le-e, ma-lu-u, ma-lu-u₂); tumallama (SA₅-ma); tumallīma (DIR-ma).

1. be(com)ing full (N) (4x/44%)

2. be(come) covered (1x/11%)

3. be(come) full (3x/33%)

4. fill (1x/11%)

malû [MATTED] (AJ)

1 instance

Written forms:ma-le-e.

Normalized forms:malê (ma-le-e).

1. matted (1x/100%)

malû [MATTED HAIR] (N)

5 instances

Written forms:SIK₂.UZ₃; ma-li-i.

Normalized forms:malî (ma-li-i); malû (SIK₂.UZ₃).

1. matted hair (5x/100%)

māmītu [OATH] (N)

9 instances

Written forms:ma-mit; ma-mi₃-tu₂.

Normalized forms:māmīt (ma-mit); māmītu (ma-mi₃-tu₂).

1. curse (8x/89%)

2. oath (1x/11%)

mamman [SOMEBODY] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:mam-ma.

Normalized forms:mamma (mam-ma).

1. somebody (1x/100%)

mamman [SOMEBODY] (PRP)

2 instances

Written forms:man-ma.

Normalized forms:manma (man-ma).

1. somebody (2x/100%)

mamman [SOMEBODY] (XP)

3 instances

Written forms:mam-ma; mam-ma-na-ma; mam₂-ma.

Normalized forms:mamma (mam-ma, mam₂-ma); mammanāma (mam-ma-na-ma).

1. nobody (1x/33%)

2. somebody (1x/33%)

3. whoever (1x/33%)

mammû [FROST] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:ma-am-me₂-e; ma-am-mu-u.

Normalized forms:mammê (ma-am-me₂-e); mammû (ma-am-mu-u).

1. frost (2x/100%)

mangu [(A SKIN DISEASE)] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:man-gu.

Normalized forms:mangu (man-gu).

1. (a skin disease) (1x/100%)

mānitu [(GENTLE) WIND] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:ma-ni-tu₄.

Normalized forms:mānitu (ma-ni-tu₄).

1. (gentle) wind (1x/100%)

mannu [WHO?] (QP)

1 instance

Written forms:man-nu.

Normalized forms:mannu (man-nu).

1. who? (1x/100%)

manzât [RAINBOW] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:dman-za-at₂.

Normalized forms:manzât (dman-za-at₂).

1. rainbow (2x/100%)

maqqītu [LIBATION] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:ma-aq-qi₂-tu₂.

Normalized forms:maqqītu (ma-aq-qi₂-tu₂).

1. libation (1x/100%)

maqtu [FALLEN] (AJ)

6 instances

Normalized forms:maqit (ma-qit); maqtu (ma-aq-tu₂, ma-aq-tu₄, ŠUBtu₂).

1. fallen (6x/100%)


1 instance

Written forms:ma-ra-ḫu.

Normalized forms:marāhu (ma-ra-ḫu).

1. allowing to become spoiled (N) (1x/100%)

māraku [LENGTH] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:ma-ra-ku.

Normalized forms:māraku (ma-ra-ku).

1. length (1x/100%)

marāqu [RUB S.TH. SMOOTH] (V)

1 instance

Written forms:i-mar-ra-qu.

Normalized forms:imarraqū (i-mar-ra-qu).

1. rub smooth (1x/100%)

marāru [BE(COME) BITTER] (V)

1 instance

Written forms:ma-ra-ru₃.

Normalized forms:marāru (ma-ra-ru₃).

1. be(com)ing bitter (N) (1x/100%)

marāṣu [BE(COME) ILL] (V)

9 instances

Written forms:GIG; GIGaṣ; i-mar-ru-uṣ.

Normalized forms:imarraṣ (GIGaṣ); imarruṣ (GIG, i-mar-ru-uṣ); marāṣu (GIG).

1. be(com)ing ill (N) (1x/11%)

2. be(come) ill (8x/89%)

marhaṣu [RINSE] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:mar-ḫaṣ.

Normalized forms:marhaṣ (mar-ḫaṣ).

1. rinse (1x/100%)

marratu [BITTER THING] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:mar-ra-tu.

Normalized forms:marratu (mar-ra-tu).

1. rainbow (2x/100%)

marru [BITTER] (AJ)

2 instances

Written forms:GIG.ḪAB.BA; mar-ru.

Normalized forms:marru (GIG.ḪAB.BA, mar-ru).

1. bitter (2x/100%)

marru [SHOVEL] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:gišMAR.

Normalized forms:marri (gišMAR).

1. spade (1x/100%)

marrūtu [(A TYPE OF ONION)] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:mar-ru-tu.

Normalized forms:marrūtu (mar-ru-tu).

1. (a type of onion) (1x/100%)

marṣātu [HARDSHIP] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:mar-ṣa-a-tu₂.

Normalized forms:marṣātu (mar-ṣa-a-tu₂).

1. hardship (1x/100%)

marṣu [SICK] (AJ)

9 instances

Written forms:GIG; GIG-ma; GIGuṣ; mar-ṣu; mar-ṣu-tu.

Normalized forms:marṣi (GIG); marṣu (GIG, mar-ṣu); marṣūtu (mar-ṣu-tu); maruṣ (GIG, GIGuṣ); maruṣma (GIG-ma).

1. sick person (N) (2x/22%)

2. sick (7x/78%)

marṣu [SICK] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:ma-ar-sa-at; mar-ṣa-at.

Normalized forms:marsat (ma-ar-sa-at); marṣat (mar-ṣa-at).

1. sick (2x/100%)

marṣu [SICK ONE] (N)

12 instances

Written forms:GIG; GIG-MEŠ; lu₂GIG.

Normalized forms:marṣi (lu₂GIG); marṣu (GIG); marṣūtu (GIG-MEŠ).

1. patient (10x/83%)

2. sick person (2x/17%)

marṣu [SICK PERSON] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:GIG-ME.

Normalized forms:marṣūtu (GIG-ME).

1. sick person (1x/100%)

maršītu [PROPERTY] (N)

4 instances

Normalized forms:maršīt (mar-ši-it); maršītu (NIG₂.GAL₂.LA, mar-ši-tu₄).

1. property (4x/100%)

martu [GALL BLADDER] (N)

17 instances

Written forms:ZE₂; mar-tu₂.

Normalized forms:marti (ZE₂); martu (ZE₂, mar-tu₂).

1. gall bladder (17x/100%)

mārtu [DAUGHTER] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:DUMU.MUNUS.

Normalized forms:mārat (DUMU.MUNUS).

1. daughter (2x/100%)

marû [FATTENED] (AJ)

1 instance

Written forms:ma-ri-i.

Normalized forms:marî (ma-ri-i).

1. fattened (1x/100%)

mārūtu [STATUS OF SON] (N)

3 instances

Normalized forms:mārūtišu (NAM.TUR-šu₂, ma-ru-ti-šu₂).

1. youth (3x/100%)

masāku [BE(COME) BAD] (V)

1 instance

Written forms:šum-su-ku.

Normalized forms:šumsuku (šum-su-ku).

1. considering as bad (N) (1x/100%)


1 instance

Written forms:mas-da-ri.

Normalized forms:masdari (mas-da-ri).

1. continuously (1x/100%)

massû [LEADER] (N)

3 instances

Written forms:MAS.SU₃; mas-su₃-u.

Normalized forms:massû (MAS.SU₃, mas-su₃-u).

1. leader (3x/100%)

massûtu [CALL] (N)

14 instances

Normalized forms:malsût (mal₂-su-ut, mal₂-sutₓ(BAN₂)); malsûti (mal₂-su-ti); malsûtu (mal-su-tu).

1. lecture (1x/7%)

2. reading out (12x/86%)

3. reading (1x/7%)

massûtu [READING OUT] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:mal₂-su-tu.

Normalized forms:malsūtu (mal₂-su-tu).

1. reading out (1x/100%)

maṣāru [STRIDE ABOUT?] (V)

3 instances

Written forms:im-ṣur.

Normalized forms:imṣur (im-ṣur).

1. move around (3x/100%)

maṣrāhu [SOCLE] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:SUR.

Normalized forms:maṣrāh (SUR).

1. socle (1x/100%)

maṣṣartu [OBSERVATION] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:EN.NU.UN; ma-aṣ-ṣar-tu₂.

Normalized forms:maṣṣarti (EN.NU.UN); maṣṣartu (ma-aṣ-ṣar-tu₂).

1. observation (2x/100%)

maṣṣartu [WATCH] (N)

17 instances

Written forms:EN.NUN; EN.NUN-MEŠ.

Normalized forms:maṣṣarātu (EN.NUN-MEŠ); maṣṣarti (EN.NUN).

1. watch (17x/100%)


3 instances

Normalized forms:imaṣṣû (i-ma-aṣ-ṣu); šutamṣâmma (šu-ta-am-ṣa-am-ma).

1. correspond (1x/33%)

2. reach (2x/67%)


1 instance

Written forms:ma-ṣu-u.

Normalized forms:maṣû (ma-ṣu-u).

1. corresponding (1x/100%)


1 instance

Written forms:im-maš-ša₂-.

Normalized forms:immaššāʾ (im-maš-ša₂-).

1. take away by force (1x/100%)

mašaddu [(YOKE-)SHAFT] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:ma-šad-du.

Normalized forms:mašaddu (ma-šad-du).

1. (yoke-)shaft (1x/100%)

mašādu [BEAT] (V)

9 instances

Normalized forms:ammašid (am-ma-šid); imšid (im-ši-id); imtašid (im-ta-šid); mašādu (UR₃, ma-ša₂-du); muššuda (muš-šu-da); umaššad (u₂-maš-šad).

1. beat (1x/11%)

2. beating (N) (2x/22%)

3. crush (2x/22%)

4. rub (1x/11%)

5. rubbing (N) (1x/11%)

6. strike (with disease) (1x/11%)

7. striking (with disease) (N) (1x/11%)


3 instances

Written forms:im-šur.

Normalized forms:imšur (im-šur).

1. drag (across the ground) (3x/100%)

mašāšu [WIPE OFF] (V)

2 instances

Written forms:im-šu-; ma-ša-šu₂.

Normalized forms:imšuš (im-šu-); mašāšu (ma-ša-šu₂).

1. wipe off (1x/50%)

2. wiping off (N) (1x/50%)

mašennu [(AN ADMINISTRATOR)] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:ma-še-en-nu.

Normalized forms:mašenni (ma-še-en-nu).

1. (an administrator) (1x/100%)

mašgallu [BILLY GOAT] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:maš₂-gal-lu.

Normalized forms:mašgallu (maš₂-gal-lu).

1. billy goat (1x/100%)


1 instance

Written forms:mas-ka-du₃.

Normalized forms:maškadu (mas-ka-du₃).

1. (an illness of the joints, arthritis?)) (1x/100%)

maškanu [PLACE OF PUTTING] (N)

8 instances

Normalized forms:maškan (maš-kan, maš-kan₂); maškanišu (MAŠ.GAN₂-šu₂); maškanu (maš-ka-nu).

1. chain (3x/38%)

2. location (5x/63%)

mašku [SKIN] (N)

10 instances

Written forms:KUŠ; ma-šak-šu₂; maš-ki; maš-ku.

Normalized forms:mašak (KUŠ); mašakšu (ma-šak-šu₂); maški (KUŠ); mašku (maš-ki, maš-ku).

1. skin (10x/100%)

mašlu [EQUAL] (AJ)

4 instances

Written forms:ma-ši-il; ma-šil; maš-lu.

Normalized forms:mašil (ma-ši-il, ma-šil); mašlū (maš-lu).

1. equal (3x/75%)

2. similar (1x/25%)


16 instances

Written forms:MAŠ.MAŠ; lu₂MAŠ.MAŠ.

Normalized forms:mašmaš (lu₂MAŠ.MAŠ); mašmašši (lu₂MAŠ.MAŠ); mašmaššu (MAŠ.MAŠ, lu₂MAŠ.MAŠ).

1. incantation priest (16x/100%)

mašmaššūtu [CONJURATION] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:maš-maš-u₂-tu.

Normalized forms:mašmaššūtu (maš-maš-u₂-tu).

1. exorcism (1x/100%)

mašqītu [WATERING PLACE] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:maš-qi₂-ta.

Normalized forms:mašqītu (maš-qi₂-ta).

1. watering place (1x/100%)

mašrû [RICHES] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:meš-re-e.

Normalized forms:mešrê (meš-re-e).

1. riches (1x/100%)

maššakku [INCENSE] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:maš-šak-ku.

Normalized forms:maššakku (maš-šak-ku).

1. incense (1x/100%)

maššītu [DELIVERY] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:maš-ši-ti.

Normalized forms:maššīti (maš-ši-ti).

1. delivery (1x/100%)

maštakal [MASZTAKAL] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:maš-ta-kal; gišIN₆.UŠ₂.

Normalized forms:maštakal (maš-ta-kal, gišIN₆.UŠ₂).

1. masztakal (2x/100%)

maštaku [CHAMBER] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:maš-tak; maš-tak-ku.

Normalized forms:maštak (maš-tak); maštakku (maš-tak-ku).

1. chamber (1x/50%)

2. room (1x/50%)


1 instance

Written forms:ma-ši.

Normalized forms:māši (ma-ši).

1. twin (brother/sister) (1x/100%)

mašû [FORGET] (V)

3 instances

Written forms:im-šu-u₂; in-šu-u₂; ma-še-e.

Normalized forms:imšû (im-šu-u₂); inšû (in-šu-u₂); mašê (ma-še-e).

1. forget (2x/67%)

2. forgetting (N) (1x/33%)

mati [WHEN?] (AV)

4 instances

Written forms:ma-ti.

Normalized forms:mati (ma-ti).

1. when? (4x/100%)

matqu [SWEET] (AJ)

3 instances

Written forms:KU₇.KU₇; ma-tuq-ta; mat-qu.

Normalized forms:matqi (KU₇.KU₇); matqu (mat-qu); matuqta (ma-tuq-ta).

1. sweet (3x/100%)

mâtu [DIE] (N)

12 instances

Written forms:UG₇.

Normalized forms:imât (UG₇).

1. die (12x/100%)

maṭû [BE(COME) LITTLE] (V)

12 instances

Normalized forms:imaṭṭâ (LA₂a); imaṭṭi (LA₂, LA₂ṭi); imaṭṭû (LAL-MEŠ, i-ma-aṭ-ṭu-u₂); imiṭṭīšu (LA₂-šu₂); maṭê (ma-ṭe-e); maṭi (LA₂); maṭû (LAL, ma-ṭu-u₂).

1. be(com)ing little (N) (6x/50%)

2. be(come) little (2x/17%)

3. decrease (3x/25%)

4. diminish (1x/8%)

maṭû [SMALL] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:ma-ṭa-a-tu.

Normalized forms:maṭâtu (ma-ṭa-a-tu).

1. small (1x/100%)

mayyaltu [BED] (N)

3 instances

Normalized forms:mayyaltu (KI.NA₂, SILIG(URU×IGI), ma-a-a-al-tu₂).

1. bed (3x/100%)

mazzaztu [POSITION] (N)

3 instances

Normalized forms:manzaltašu (man-zal-ta-šu₂); mazzāssu (KI.GUB-su); mazzaztu (man-za-az-tu₄).

1. faeces (2x/67%)

2. position (1x/33%)

mazzāzu [POSITION] (N)

12 instances

Written forms:KI.GUB-su; KI.GUB-šu₂; NA.

Normalized forms:mazzāssu (KI.GUB-su); mazzāzi (NA); mazzāzišu (KI.GUB-šu₂); mazzāzu (NA).

1. (mark on the lobus sinister) (6x/50%)

2. Station (on liver) (1x/8%)

3. position (5x/42%)

mazzizu [STANDING] (AJ)

1 instance

Written forms:man-za-za.

Normalized forms:manzaza (man-za-za).

1. standing (1x/100%)

meʾatu [HUNDRED] (NU)

4 instances

Written forms:me.

Normalized forms: (me).

1. hundred (4x/100%)

meburku [HALFA GRASS] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:me-e-bur-ki.

Normalized forms:meburki (me-e-bur-ki).

1. halfa grass (1x/100%)


1 instance

Written forms:mi-du-u₂.

Normalized forms:midû (mi-du-u₂).

1. becoming visible (N) (1x/100%)

medû [VISIBLE] (AJ)

1 instance

Written forms:mi-di-ti.

Normalized forms:midīti (mi-di-ti).

1. visible (1x/100%)

mehertu [PRODUCE] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:IGIet; mi-ḫir-ti.

Normalized forms:mehret (IGIet); mihirti (mi-ḫir-ti).

1. complaint against (1x/50%)

2. produce (1x/50%)

mehṣu [BLOW] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:me₂-eḫ-ṣi.

Normalized forms:mehṣu (me₂-eḫ-ṣi).

1. fabric (2x/100%)

mehû [STORM] (N)

6 instances

Written forms:me-ḫe-e; me-ḫu-u₂.

Normalized forms:mehê (me-ḫe-e); mehû (me-ḫu-u₂).

1. storm wind (6x/100%)

mekû [NEGLECT] (V)

3 instances

Normalized forms:mekû (me-ku-u); temekki (te-me-ek-ki); ušamkišu (u₂-šam-ki-šu₂).

1. neglect (2x/67%)

2. neglecting (N) (1x/33%)


4 instances

Normalized forms:melamma (me-lam₂-ma); melammu (me-lam-mu); melammūšu (me-lam-mu-šu₂).

1. fearsome radiance (4x/100%)

mēlû [HEIGHT] (N)

18 instances

Written forms:SUKUD; SUKUDe.

Normalized forms:mēlê (SUKUD, SUKUDe).

1. height (18x/100%)

mēlultu [GAME] (N)

4 instances

Written forms:ME.ME; me-lul-ta; me-lul-ti.

Normalized forms:mēlulta (me-lul-ta); mēlulti (me-lul-ti); mēlultu (ME.ME).

1. game (4x/100%)

mēreštu [WISH] (N)

3 instances

Normalized forms:mērešti (URU₄); mēreštišu (me-reš-ti-šu₂); mēreštu (me-reš-tu₄).

1. intent (1x/33%)

2. intention (2x/67%)


5 instances

Normalized forms:mērešu (GAN₂.ZI, me-re-šu₂, me₂-re-šu, me₂-re-šu₂).

1. cultivated land (5x/100%)

mērešu [WISDOM] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:me₂-re-šu₂.

Normalized forms:mērešu (me₂-re-šu₂).

1. wisdom (1x/100%)

merginānu [(A MEDICINAL PLANT)] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:u₂me₂-er-gi-re-e-nu.

Normalized forms:mergirēnu (u₂me₂-er-gi-re-e-nu).

1. (a medicinal plant) (1x/100%)

mēsallu [(DESIG. OF SALT)] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:eme-sal-lim.

Normalized forms:emesalli (eme-sal-lim).

1. (desig. of salt) (1x/100%)

messû [(A TRAP)] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:me₂-es-su-u₂.

Normalized forms:messû (me₂-es-su-u₂).

1. (a trap) (1x/100%)

mēsu [(A TYPE OF TREE)] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:gišme-si.

Normalized forms:mēsi (gišme-si).

1. (a type of tree) (1x/100%)

mēsū [CULT] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:me-e-si; me₂-si.

Normalized forms:mēsī (me-e-si, me₂-si).

1. cult (2x/100%)

mešrêtu [LIMBS] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:meš-re-tu-šu₂.

Normalized forms:mešrêtūšu (meš-re-tu-šu₂).

1. limbs (1x/100%)

mêšu [DISREGARD] (V)

1 instance

Written forms:me-e-šu₂.

Normalized forms:mêšu (me-e-šu₂).

1. disregarding (N) (1x/100%)

meṭlūtu [MANHOOD] (N)

4 instances

Normalized forms:meṭlūtu (meṭ-lu-tu, meṭ-lu-tu₂, me₂-eṭ-lu-tu₂).

1. manhood (2x/50%)

2. mature age (2x/50%)

middatu [SIZE] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:ma-da-as-su.

Normalized forms:maddassu (ma-da-as-su).

1. size (1x/100%)

milʾu [SALTPETRE] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:na₄AN.BIR₉.

Normalized forms:milʾu (na₄AN.BIR₉).

1. saltpetre (1x/100%)

milku [ADVICE] (N)

9 instances

Normalized forms:milik (GALGA); milki (mil-ki); milkišunu (mil-ki-šu₂-nu); milku (A.RA₂, mil-ku, ŠU).

1. advice (8x/89%)

2. mood (1x/11%)

mīlu [FLOOD] (N)

11 instances

Written forms:ILLU; ILLU-ME; ILLU-MEŠ.

Normalized forms:mīlu (ILLU); mīlū (ILLU-ME, ILLU-MEŠ).

1. flood (11x/100%)

mimma [ANYTHING] (XP)

16 instances

Written forms:mim-ma.

Normalized forms:mimma (mim-ma).

1. anything (15x/94%)

2. whatever (1x/6%)

mimmû [ALL] (N)

7 instances

Written forms:mim-mu; mim-mu-u₂; mim-mu-šu₂.

Normalized forms:mimmû (mim-mu, mim-mu-u₂); mimmûšu (mim-mu-šu₂).

1. all that (REL) (2x/29%)

2. all (5x/71%)

mindinu [TIGER] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:mi-in-di-num.

Normalized forms:mindinu (mi-in-di-num).

1. tiger (2x/100%)

minītu [MEASURE] (N)

4 instances

Written forms:mi-na-ti-šu₂; mi-na-tu₂.

Normalized forms:minâtišu (mi-na-ti-šu₂); minâtu (mi-na-tu₂).

1. calculation (4x/100%)

minnabu [SIGN TWO TIMES] (AJ)

1 instance

Written forms:min-na-bi.

Normalized forms:minnabi (min-na-bi).

1. sign two times (1x/100%)

mīnû [WHAT?] (QP)

3 instances

Written forms:mi; mi-nu-u₂.

Normalized forms: (mi); mīnû (mi-nu-u₂).

1. what? (3x/100%)

miqittu [(DOWN)FALL] (N)

4 instances

Written forms:ŠUBti₃.

Normalized forms:miqitti (ŠUBti₃).

1. epidemic (4x/100%)

miqtu [FALL] (N)

5 instances

Normalized forms:miqit (AN.TA.ŠUB.BA [miqit šamê], mi-qit, ŠUB); miqti (ti₃ŠUB, ŠUBti).

1. fall (5x/100%)

misissu [MEERSCHAUM] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:mi-sis; mi-ši-is-su.

Normalized forms:misis (mi-sis); mišissu (mi-ši-is-su).

1. meerschaum (2x/100%)

mīšaru [JUSTICE] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:mi-ša₂-ri; mi-ša₂-ru.

Normalized forms:mīšari (mi-ša₂-ri); mīšaru (mi-ša₂-ru).

1. justice (2x/100%)

mišittu [(MEDICAL) STROKE] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:mi-šit-tu₂.

Normalized forms:mišittu (mi-šit-tu₂).

1. (medical) stroke (2x/100%)

mišītu [CONFUSION] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:mi-šit-tu₂.

Normalized forms:mišītu (mi-šit-tu₂).

1. confusion (1x/100%)

mišlu [HALF] (N)

7 instances

Normalized forms:mešlu (meš-lu); mišil (BAR); mišilšu (mi-šil-šu); mišlu (BARlu, mi--lu₄, miš-lu).

1. half (7x/100%)

mišlu [HALF] (NU)

8 instances

Written forms:mi-šil.

Normalized forms:mišil (mi-šil).

1. half (8x/100%)

mitgurtu [AGREEMENT] (N)

3 instances

Written forms:mit-gur-ti; mit-gur-tu₂.

Normalized forms:mitgurtu (mit-gur-ti, mit-gur-tu₂).

1. agreement (3x/100%)

mithāriš [IN THE SAME MANNER] (AV)

5 instances

Written forms:TEŠ₂-MEŠ; TEŠ₂.BI.

Normalized forms:mithāriš (TEŠ₂-MEŠ, TEŠ₂.BI).

1. in the same manner (5x/100%)


3 instances

Written forms:mit-ḫa-ra; mit-ḫa-ri.

Normalized forms:mithārā (mit-ḫa-ra); mithāri (mit-ḫa-ri).

1. corresponding (1x/33%)

2. symmetrical (2x/67%)

mītu [DEAD] (AJ)

4 instances

Normalized forms:mitti (mi-it-ti); mittu (mi-it-tu₄); mītu (UG₅.GA, mi-i-tu₂).

1. dead (4x/100%)

mītu [DEAD] (N)

4 instances

Written forms:mi-tu-ti; lu₂UG₇.

Normalized forms:mīti (lu₂UG₇); mītūti (mi-tu-ti).

1. dead (4x/100%)

miṭirtu [WATERCOURSE] (N)

3 instances

Normalized forms:meṭrātu (me-eṭ-ra-tu₄); miṭrāt (miṭ-rat); miṭrātu (miṭ-ra-tu₄).

1. canal (1x/33%)

2. watercourse (2x/67%)

miṭṭu [(A DIVINE WEAPON)] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:me-ṭu.

Normalized forms:mēṭu (me-ṭu).

1. (a divine weapon) (1x/100%)


33 instances

Written forms:A; A-MEŠ; A-šu₂; me-e; mu-u₂; mu-u₂-ka.

Normalized forms: (A, A-MEŠ, me-e); (A, mu-u₂); mûka (mu-u₂-ka); mûšu (A-šu₂).

1. water (33x/100%)

muballiṭu [REVIVER] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:mu-bal-li-ṭu.

Normalized forms:muballiṭū (mu-bal-li-ṭu).

1. reviver (1x/100%)

mūdû [KNOWER] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:mu-de-e.

Normalized forms:mūdê (mu-de-e).

1. knower (1x/100%)

mūdû [KNOWING] (AJ)

4 instances

Written forms:mu-du-u.

Normalized forms:mūdû (mu-du-u).

1. wise (4x/100%)

mugallitu [TROUBLEMAKER] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:mu-gal-lit-tum.

Normalized forms:mugallitu (mu-gal-lit-tum).

1. troublemaker (1x/100%)

muhalliqu [DESTROYER] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:mu-ḫal-liq₂.

Normalized forms:muhalliq (mu-ḫal-liq₂).

1. destroyer (1x/100%)

muhhu [SKULL] (N)

79 instances

Normalized forms:muhhī (UGU-MU); muhhi (UGU, muḫ-ḫi); muhhišu (muḫ-ḫi-šu₂).

1. account (15x/19%)

2. skull (6x/8%)

3. top (58x/73%)

muhhu [TOP] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:mu-uḫ-ḫu.

Normalized forms:muhhu (mu-uḫ-ḫu).

1. top (1x/100%)

muhhuru [OFFERING] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:maḫ-ḫu-ru.

Normalized forms:mahhurū (maḫ-ḫu-ru).

1. offering (1x/100%)

muhru [APPEAL] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:KUN.SAG; KUN.SAG.GA₂.

Normalized forms:muhra (KUN.SAG.GA₂); muhru (KUN.SAG).

1. (a cultic building) (1x/50%)

2. appeal (1x/50%)

mukaššidu [PURSUER] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:mu-kaš-ši-di-ia.

Normalized forms:mukaššidīya (mu-kaš-ši-di-ia).

1. pursuer (1x/100%)

mukillu [HOLDER] (N)

12 instances

Written forms:SAG.ḪUL.ḪA.ZA; SAG.; mu-kil.

Normalized forms:mukīl (SAG.ḪUL.ḪA.ZA, SAG., mu-kil).

1. holder (12x/100%)

mukīlu [HOLDER] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:SAG.TUK.

Normalized forms:mukīl (SAG.TUK).

1. holder (2x/100%)

mukinnu [WITNESS] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:mu-kin.

Normalized forms:mukīn (mu-kin).

1. establisher (1x/100%)

mulemminu [EVIL-DOER] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:mu-lem-min₃.

Normalized forms:mulemmin (mu-lem-min₃).

1. evil-doer (1x/100%)

mullû [FILLING] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:mul-lu-u.

Normalized forms:mullû (mul-lu-u).

1. compensation (1x/100%)

mulluhu [FLICKERING] (AJ)

1 instance

Written forms:mu-lu-uḫ.

Normalized forms:muluh (mu-lu-uḫ).

1. flickering (1x/100%)

mulmullu [ARROW] (N)

6 instances

Written forms:mul-mul.

Normalized forms:mulmul (mul-mul).

1. arrow (6x/100%)

mumaʾʾeru [COMMANDER] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:mu-ma-ʾ-er; mu-ma-ʾe-er.

Normalized forms:mumaʾʾeru (mu-ma-ʾ-er); +mumaʾʾer (mu-ma-ʾe-er).

1. commander (2x/100%)

mumassuku [ONE WHO SPOILS] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:mu-ma-as-su-ku.

Normalized forms:mumassuku (mu-ma-as-su-ku).

1. one who spoils (2x/100%)


1 instance

Written forms:mu-um-mu.

Normalized forms:mummu (mu-um-mu).

1. life-giving force? (1x/100%)

munaššeru [SEPARATOR] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:BA; mu-na-aš₂-ši-ri.

Normalized forms:munašširu (BA, mu-na-aš₂-ši-ri).

1. separator (2x/100%)

munašširu [DIMINISHER] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:mu-na-aš₂-šir₃.

Normalized forms:munaššir (mu-na-aš₂-šir₃).

1. diminisher (1x/100%)

mungu [CRAMP] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:mun-ga.

Normalized forms:munga (mun-ga).

1. cramp (1x/100%)

munihhu [PACIFIER] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:mu-ni-iḫ-ḫa.

Normalized forms:munihha (mu-ni-iḫ-ḫa).

1. pacifier (1x/100%)

muppiru [DIGGER?] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:mu-up-pir.

Normalized forms:muppir (mu-up-pir).

1. digger? (1x/100%)

muqqutu [FALLEN] (AJ)

1 instance

Written forms:muq-qu-tu₂.

Normalized forms:muqqutu (muq-qu-tu₂).

1. fallen (1x/100%)

murabbītu [FOSTER-MOTHER] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:mu-rab-bat.

Normalized forms:murabbât (mu-rab-bat).

1. foster-mother (2x/100%)

murqu [INTELLECT] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:mur-qa; ur-qa.

Normalized forms:murqa (mur-qa); urqa (ur-qa).

1. intellect (2x/100%)

murrānu [(A TREE OR SHRUB)] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:u₂mur-ra-nu.

Normalized forms:murrānu (u₂mur-ra-nu).

1. (a tree or shrub) (1x/100%)

murruqu [REFINED] (AJ)

1 instance

Written forms:mur-ru-uq.

Normalized forms:murruq (mur-ru-uq).

1. clear (1x/100%)

murṣu [ILLNESS] (N)

14 instances

Normalized forms:murṣišu (GIG-šu₂, mur-ṣi-šu₂); murṣu (GIG, mur-ṣu); muruṣ (GIG, mu-ru-uṣ).

1. illness (14x/100%)


5 instances

Written forms:mu-sa-a-ti; mu-sa-a-tu₂.

Normalized forms:musâti (mu-sa-a-ti); musâtu (mu-sa-a-tu₂).

1. (used) washing water (2x/40%)

2. lavatory (3x/60%)

museppû [SUPPLICANT] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:mu-sa₇-pu₂-u₂.

Normalized forms:musappû (mu-sa₇-pu₂-u₂).

1. supplicant (1x/100%)

musukkannu [MAGAN-TREE] (N)

5 instances

Normalized forms:masukkannu (ma-suk-kan-nu); mesukkannu (gišme-suk-kan-nu).

1. Magan-tree (5x/100%)


2 instances

Normalized forms:usukkatu (u₂-suk-ka-tu, munusU₂.ZUG₂).

1. impure one (2x/100%)

muṣaʾʾirānu [FROG] (N)

2 instances

Normalized forms:muṣaʾʾirānu (BI₂.ZA.ZA); muṣaʾʾirrānu (mu-ṣa-ʾi-ir-ra-nu).

1. frog (2x/100%)

muṣlālu [SIESTA(-TIME)] (N)

9 instances

Written forms:AN.BAR₇; AN.BIR₉; mu-uṣ-la-lu.

Normalized forms:muṣlāli (AN.BAR₇, AN.BIR₉); muṣlālu (mu-uṣ-la-lu).

1. siesta(-time) (9x/100%)

mūṣû [EXIT] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:mu-ṣu-u₂.

Normalized forms:mūṣû (mu-ṣu-u₂).

1. direction (1x/100%)

mūṣu [EXUDATION] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:mu-ṣa.

Normalized forms:mūṣu (mu-ṣa).

1. exudation (1x/100%)

mūša [AT NIGHT] (AV)

1 instance

Written forms:mu-ša.

Normalized forms:mūša (mu-ša).

1. at night (1x/100%)

mūšabu [DWELLING] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:mu-ša₂-bu.

Normalized forms:mūšabu (mu-ša₂-bu).

1. dwelling (1x/100%)

mušākilu [SUPPLIER OF FOOD] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:mu-ša₂-kil-šu₂.

Normalized forms:mušākilšu (mu-ša₂-kil-šu₂).

1. supplier of food (1x/100%)


1 instance

Written forms:mu-šal-lim.

Normalized forms:mušallim (mu-šal-lim).

1. that delivers safely (1x/100%)

mušaqqiltu [SCALES] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:mu-šaq-qil-tu₄.

Normalized forms:mušaqqiltu (mu-šaq-qil-tu₄).

1. scales (1x/100%)

mušēlû [(A DOORKEEPER)] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:mu-še-lu-u.

Normalized forms:mušēlû (mu-še-lu-u).

1. (a cloud formation) (1x/100%)

mušēlû [THAT RAISES] (AJ)

1 instance

Written forms:mu-še-lu-u₂.

Normalized forms:mušēlû (mu-še-lu-u₂).

1. (a cloud formation) (N) (1x/100%)

mušēniqtu [SUCKLING] (AJ)

1 instance

Written forms:mu-še-niq-ti.

Normalized forms:mušēniqti (mu-še-niq-ti).

1. suckling (1x/100%)

mušēniqtu [WET NURSE] (N)

2 instances

Normalized forms:mušēniqtu (EME₂.GA.LA₂, UM.ME.GA.LA₂).

1. wet nurse (2x/100%)


3 instances

Written forms:mu-še-niq-qu-u₂-tu₂.

Normalized forms:mušēniqūtu (mu-še-niq-qu-u₂-tu₂).

1. profession of wet nurse (3x/100%)

mušēzibu [SAVIOUR] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:mu-še-zib.

Normalized forms:mušēzib (mu-še-zib).

1. saviour (1x/100%)

mušgallu [GREAT SERPENT] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:muš-gal-lu₄.

Normalized forms:mušgallu (muš-gal-lu₄).

1. great serpent (1x/100%)

mušhuššu [SERPENT DRAGON] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:MUŠ.ḪUŠ.

Normalized forms:mušhušši (MUŠ.ḪUŠ).

1. serpent dragon (1x/100%)

mušīhu [GROWER] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:mu-us-si-ḫa-at; mu-ši-ḫat.

Normalized forms:mussīhat (mu-us-si-ḫa-at); mušīhat (mu-ši-ḫat).

1. grower (2x/100%)

mušītu [NIGHT(-TIME)] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:mu-ši-tu₂.

Normalized forms:mušītu (mu-ši-tu₂).

1. night (1x/100%)

muškēnu [DEPENDANT] (N)

8 instances

Written forms:MAŠ.EN.GAG; muš-ke-ni; muš-ke-nu.

Normalized forms:muškēni (muš-ke-ni); muškēnu (MAŠ.EN.GAG, muš-ke-nu).

1. dependant (4x/50%)

2. poor man (4x/50%)


1 instance

Written forms:muš-ke-nu-tu₂.

Normalized forms:muškēnūtu (muš-ke-nu-tu₂).

1. poverty (1x/100%)

mušmītu [MURDEROUS] (AJ)

1 instance

Written forms:muš-mit.

Normalized forms:mušmīt (muš-mit).

1. murderous (1x/100%)

muššakku [INCENSE] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:maš-šak-ki.

Normalized forms:maššakki (maš-šak-ki).

1. incense (1x/100%)

muššuʾu [RUB] (V)

2 instances

Normalized forms:muššuʾu (muš-šu-ʾu); umaššaʾ (u₂-maš-ša₂-).

1. rub (1x/50%)

2. rubbing (N) (1x/50%)

muštabarrû [PERSISTENT] (AJ)

1 instance

Written forms:muš-ta-bar-ru-u₂.

Normalized forms:muštabarrû (muš-ta-bar-ru-u₂).

1. persistent (1x/100%)

muštēmû [NEGLECTER] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:muš-te-mu-u₂.

Normalized forms:muštēmû (muš-te-mu-u₂).

1. neglecter (1x/100%)

mūšu [NIGHT] (N)

16 instances

Written forms:GE₆; mu-ši; mu-šu; mu-šu₂.

Normalized forms:mūši (GE₆, mu-ši); mūšu (GE₆, mu-šu, mu-šu₂).

1. night-time (7x/44%)

2. night (9x/56%)

mūtānu [EPIDEMIC] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:mu-ta-nu.

Normalized forms:mūtānu (mu-ta-nu).

1. epidemic (2x/100%)

muterru [(RE)TURNER] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:mu-ter.

Normalized forms:mutēr (mu-ter).

1. bolt (1x/100%)

mutqu [HEAD LOUSE] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:mut-qa.

Normalized forms:mutqu (mut-qa).

1. head louse (1x/100%)

mutqu [SWEET THING] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:mut-qu.

Normalized forms:mutqu (mut-qu).

1. sweetness (1x/100%)

muttabbilu [SERVANT] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:mut-tab-bil.

Normalized forms:muttabbil (mut-tab-bil).

1. organizer (1x/100%)

muttalliku [MOBILE] (AJ)

2 instances

Written forms:mut-tal-lik; mut-tal-lik-tu₂.

Normalized forms:mutalliktu (mut-tal-lik-tu₂); muttallik (mut-tal-lik).

1. mobile (1x/50%)

2. restless (1x/50%)

muttaprišu [WINGED] (AJ)

1 instance

Written forms:mut-tap-ri-šu₂.

Normalized forms:muttaprišu (mut-tap-ri-šu₂).

1. winged (1x/100%)

muttatu [HALF] (N)

2 instances

Written forms:mut-ta-as-su; mut-ta-tu₂.

Normalized forms:muttassu (mut-ta-as-su); muttatu (mut-ta-tu₂).

1. half (2x/100%)

muttellû [(A DEMON)] (N)

1 instance

Written forms:KIN.GAL.UD.DA.

Normalized forms:muttellû (KIN.GAL.UD.DA).

1. (a demon) (1x/100%)

muttu [FRONT (PART)] (N)

4 instances

Written forms:mu-ut-tu₂; mut-ta-ka; mut-tu-tu.

Normalized forms:muttaka (mut-ta-ka); muttu (mu-ut-tu₂); muttūtu (mut-tu-tu).

1. front (part) (4x/100%)

mūtu [DEATH] (N)

9 instances

Written forms:10; UŠ₂; UŠ₂-MEŠ; mu-tu; mu-u₂-tu₂.

Normalized forms:mūt (UŠ₂); mūtu (10, mu-tu, mu-u₂-tu₂); mūtū (UŠ₂-MEŠ).

1. death (9x/100%)

mutu [HUSBAND] (N)

4 instances

Written forms:DAM; mu-tu₂.

Normalized forms:muti (DAM); mutu (mu-tu₂).

1. husband (4x/100%)


1 instance

Written forms:mu-ut-tu-tu₂.

Normalized forms:muttūtu (mu-ut-tu-tu₂).

1. status of a husband (1x/100%)