CCP 6.5 - Dām nēši (excerpts from Uruanna)

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British Museum
BM 76487
Sippar(Sippar), 83-1-18 consignment
CT 41 45 [obv]

Labat, 1933R. Labat, Commentaires assyro-babyloniens sur les présages. Imprimerie-Librairie de l’Université, 1933.: 128-133 no. 22

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Dām nēši (excerpts from Uruanna)
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obv 19
7,62 × 9,52 cm
Chaldean / early Achaemenid (late 7th / 6th cent) (mostly "Sippar Collection")

CAD A/1 336a[On line 7]

CAD Q 146[On line 15: Coll. von Soden]

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[Edition of BM 66882]
: 128-133 no. 23

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[Commentary; CT 41 45; rev. not copied]
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[The Neo-Babylonian commentary fragment CT 41 45 (BM 76487) to Köcher no. 28 represents the only evidence, so far, that the series [sc. Uruanna] was known in the south.]

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By Eckart Frahm & Mary Frazer & Enrique Jiménez |
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