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CCP and CDLI no Museum or Exc no Copy Editions Genre Owner and Scribe Edition Rubricsort descending
7.2.u88 (P469984) BM 36220 MiscellaneaUnknown No
6.1.11.B (P470045) BM 48380 LexicalAa No
7.2.u34 (P461179) BM 38800 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.1.4.A.c (P461182) BM 40130 MiscellaneaVaria No
3.1.u43 (P461284) BM 72221 Lambert Folio 10304 [tr] DivinationAstrological. Enūma Anu Enlil No
3.1.u10 (P461120) BM 32215 DivinationAstrological. Enūma Anu Enlil Mušallim s. Iddin-Bēl d. Mušēzib (?) (owner) Bēl-apla-iddina s. Mušallim-Bēl d. Mušēzib (scribe) No
7.1.4.A.d (P461220) BM 45733 MiscellaneaVaria No
7.2.u127 (P470009) BM 39631 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.2.u109 (P469991) BM 38684 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.2.u89 (P469981) BM 35998 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.2.u35 (P461180) BM 38846 MiscellaneaUnknown No
3.1.u27 (P461146) BM 36802 DivinationAstrological. Enūma Anu Enlil No
3.1.u9 (P461119) BM 32189 DivinationAstrological. Enūma Anu Enlil No
3.9.u2 (P461123) BM 32400 DivinationDivination Other / Uncertain No
6.2.7.A (P461222) BM 45754 Lambert Folio 9315 [tr] LexicalDiri No
3.2.1.A.g (P396852) K.6861 Bab 3 276

Genty, 2010aT. Genty, Les commentaires dans les textes cunéiformes assyro-babyloniens. MA thesis, 2010.: 264-277, 715-760

Koch-Westenholz, 1999U. Koch-Westenholz, The Astrological Commentary Šumma Sîn ina tāmartīšu Tablet 1, Res Orientales, vol. 12, pp. 149-165, 1999.

DivinationAstrological. Sîn ina tāmartīšu No
3.1.u26 (P461145) BM 36790 DivinationAstrological. Enūma Anu Enlil Aḫḫē-iddin-Marduk s. d.BAD-DÙ(-)x (owner) No
3.1.u8 (P461118) BM 32162 DivinationAstrological. Enūma Anu Enlil No
3.1.58.C.f (P461214) BM 42916 DivinationAstrological. Enūma Anu Enlil No
3.1.5.F (P426183) Sm.1931 ACh Suppl 11

Verderame, 2002L. Verderame, Le Tavole I-VI della serie astrologica "Enūma Anu Enlil". Di.Sc.A.M., 2002.: 129-130

DivinationAstrological. Enūma Anu Enlil Yes
7.2.u110 (P469993) BM 38867 MedicalTherapeutic texts No
3.4.1.F (P461116) BM 17692

Heeßel & Koch, forthcomingN. P. Heeßel and Koch, U. S. , The two first chapters of the Art of the Diviner. .

DivinationExtispicy (Bārûtu) No
7.2.u165 (P470044) BM 48375 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.2.u125 (P470060) BM 39598 MiscellaneaUnknown No
4.2.Z (P395064) K.3526 MedicalTherapeutic texts No