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CCP and CDLI no Museum or Exc no Copy Editions Genre Owner and Scribe Edition Rubricsort descending
7.2.u151 (P470030) BM 46199 MiscellaneaUnknown No
2.2.1.C (P397765) K.8804

Geller, 2016M. J. Geller, Healing Magic and Evil Demons. Healing Magic and Evil Demons. De Gruyter, 2016.: 397-398

MagicUdughul, Marduk’s addressMarduk’s address No
7.2.u130 (P470012) BM 39684 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.2.u113 (P469996) BM 38955 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.2.u92 (P469975) BM 31739 MiscellaneaUnknown No
3.1.u47 (P461296) BM 77746 DivinationAstrological. Enūma Anu Enlil No
3.4.1.E (P461211) BM 42322

Heeßel & Koch, forthcomingN. P. Heeßel and Koch, U. S. , The two first chapters of the Art of the Diviner. .

DivinationExtispicy (Bārûtu) No
3.1.7.D (P394205) K.2133 ACh 2 Suppl 1b [K.2133+ K.2247] DivinationAstrological. Enūma Anu Enlil No
1.5 (P461258) BM 54644

Jiménez, forthcomingE. Jiménez, The Literary Prayers to Marduk.

LiteraryLiterary Prayer to Marduk 2 No
7.2.u114 (P469997) BM 39000 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.2.u22 (P461157) BM 37773 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.1.6.A.b (P461230) BM 47458 Lambert Folio 10045 [tr] [obverse] MiscellaneaVaria Yes
6.4 (Q000100) LexicalHarra Yes
6.3.25 (P461226) BM 46627

Finkel & Civil, 1982I. L. Finkel and Civil, M. , The Series SIG7.ALAN = Nabnītu. Pontificium Institutum Biblicum, 1982.: 8, 226-227

LexicalNabnītu No
7.2.u112 (P469995) BM 38942 MiscellaneaUnknown No
6.1.13.B.b (P461262) BM 55490 LexicalAa No
3.4.8.H (P395283) K.3879a DivinationExtispicy (Bārûtu) No
7.2.u149 (P470027) BM 45105 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.2.u129 (P470011) BM 39669 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.2.u150 (P470028) BM 45446 MiscellaneaUnknown No
6.1.14 (P461243) BM 48659 LexicalAa Yes
3.1.u46 (P461292) BM 77121 DivinationAstrological. Enūma Anu Enlil No
3.1.u13 (P461125) BM 33833 Strassmaier Unpub. copy [rev] DivinationAstrological. Enūma Anu Enlil Mušallim-Bēl s. Iddin-Bēl d. Mušēzib (owner) No
7.2.u170 (P470050) BM 48672 MiscellaneaUnknown No
7.2.u128 (P470010) BM 39636 MiscellaneaUnknown No