CCP 3.1.u40 - Enūma Anu Enlil (?)

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British Museum
BM 52938
Sippar(Sippar), 82-3-23 consignment [Dilbat]
DivinationAstrological. Enūma Anu Enlil


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Enūma Anu Enlil (?)
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1 (or >)
rev.(?) 10
4,44 × 4,44 cm
Chaldean / early Achaemenid (late 7th / 6th cent) (mostly "Sippar Collection")

CAD S 334a[cf. an-zu-ú // si-su-[ú] BM 52938 (comm., courtesy W. G. Lambert),]

Frahm, 2011E. Frahm, Babylonian and Assyrian Text Commentaries. Origins of Interpretation. Ugarit-Verlag, 2011.: 261, 288

Leichty, 1986E. Leichty, Catalogue of the Babylonian Tablets in the British Museum. Volume VI: Tablets from Sippar 1. British Museum Publications, 1986.
: 97

Jiménez, 06/2015 (Transliteration)
Jiménez, 06/2015 (Translation)
Jiménez, 06/2015 (Introduction)
Jiménez, 08/2016 (Commentary markup)
By Enrique Jiménez |
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This small fragment belongs to the British Museum’s “Sippar Collection,” specifically to the 82-3-23 consignment, believed to stem to a great extent from the city of Dilbat. This same accession number is shared by the commentary on Lugale (CCP 1.2), as well as by other four fragments that may or may not be commentaries. None of them seems to belong to the same tablet as the present fragment.

Very few signs are preserved in this tablet. Line 2’ mentions “horses” (anše.kur.ra), and “horses” are still the subject of commentary in the only preserved equation of the fragment: l. 4’, which explains anzû as sisû, “horse.” This equation, based on the similarity between anše and anzû, is attested in a number of astrological commentaries (see CAD S 334a), whence the provisional classification of the present tablet as one such.

Note the use of the technical term kīma iqbû in l. 7’.


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BM 052938 (unpublished unassigned ?) [commentaries]

o 1' o 1'

[...] x [x x (x)]


o 2' 2'

[...] U₄ 14.KAM? ANŠE.⸢KUR⸣.[RA]

[...] 14th day, horse,

o 3' 3'

[...]-⸢x⸣-ni-šu-nu i-tab-ba-[x]

[...] their ...

o 4' 4'

[...]-⸢x⸣-nu an-zu-ú si-su-[ú]

[...] anzû means "horse."

o 5' 5'



o 6' 6'

[...]-mu-šú da-[x]


o 7' 7'

[...] la-gu-šu GIM qa-bu-[ú]

[...] as if it said its deposit.

o 8' 8'

[...] an-zi-[i?]

[...] anzû

o 9' 9'

[...] x la i-mit-[x]


o 10' 10'

[...] x⸣-pa DUG₄bi-[ma]

[...] it says

end of column

Photos by Enrique Jiménez

Courtesy of the Trustees of the British Museum